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Mixed Pack of 12

Mixed Pack of 12

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A mix of all our fabulous flavours.


4 of each yummy flavour. 



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Customer Reviews

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Carla Killian

My daughter said these are amazing

Great product!

If you have a sweet tooth, these are definitely for you.

I have struggled to find something discreet to store in my handbag to help with any hypos on the go, they are perfect.

The honey made it very sweet. I wasn't keen on the Cola flavour in my honest opinion- but I don't drink Cola that is probably why.

It's quite a thick paste texture.


Fab product, perfect size to pop in your bag and it not be too bulky. I purchased for my holiday, so I had space to have plenty of hypo stock. Personally I didn’t like the texture, I was expecting them to be more gel but there’s granules in them and I’m funny with textures but that’s just me! Used them though to correct the hypos and they work well - put my sugars up by the perfect amount meaning I didn’t go too high. I’d go from 2/3 to 6/7 mmols. I still have some left after purchasing the pack of 12 and I keep them in my bag and car for emergencies.


Super tasty and such a great product! These work so well in bringing my sugars up nicely and not spiking me like crazy. The fact they are all organic and natural too is amazing!