Here are some of our most asked questions.


How many carbs are in each sachet? 

In each of our gels there is approximately 16g of fast acting carbs which is perfect to treat a hypo.


How long does shipping take? 

3-5 days if standard shipping which is free.


What happens if I only need 8-10g of carbs to treat a hypo? 

You can simply use what you need and then tape up the rest of the gel securely and use it again another time. 

How do I contact customer service?

Contact Tilly at info@diabeat.co.uk


My Hypo-Go Gel seems to be crystallised? 

Our Gels are made of only the very best ingredients, with our base of the gels being an organic pure honey it can crystallise but if you warm it up again in your hands and move around the gel it will soften again.  


Are your gels gluten and dairy free?

Our gels contain NO gluten and dairy and there should also be no cross contamination in the factory due to our facility only manufacturing our gels.